Is SDAP a good match for me?

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SDAP is a 2-year program. Attendees of SDAP choose a program of study which means they: 

  1. Participate in courses specifically chosen around their career area of interest, 
  2. Take courses that are interesting to them personally
  3. Participate in on- and off-campus employment and internships around their area of interest. 

Additionally, the Scholars participate in social and co-curricular activities, live in inclusive residence halls and adhere to the same standards of conduct that all students on Appalachian’s campus must follow. When SDAP scholars complete their requirements of the 2-year program, they will receive a Collegiate Achievement Award and walk in Commencement Ceremonies with the College of Education.

Experiencing Appalachian

Watch Mieszko (an SDAP alumni) present his senior video project, to learn first-hand some of the things students are interested in and participating in as a student at Appalachian State University.

The students enrolled in our program are:

  • highly motivated

  • life-long learners

  • want to have a college education just like their friends, brothers, and sisters

  • self-advocates

  • want to have personal independence when they graduate

  • have interpersonal skills

  • have academic goals

  • have career goals

  • have social and personal goals 

  • work towards self determination*\

*Self Determination means being able to make your own decisions. For all of us, this is a balance between ourselves and the systems we live in (families, social groups, laws, government). For people with disabilities, sometimes these decisions have been made for the students and making the best decisions can be challenging because of lack of understanding and experiences. Our goal is to help the scholars learn to make their own decisions and we do this by providing them with opportunities to exercise the decision making process with with support.

Does this describe you?

While the SDA Program aims to provide an academic, social, and career training experience to individuals with intellectual disabilites at ASU, our program may not be able to accomodate all of your needs, particularly if they are behavioral or emotional and impede learning or social development. Please contact the SDA Program prior to applying if you have any questions or concerns.