Supports and Volunteers

How are students supported?


Students work with SDAP staff and graduate assitants (GAs) to create Person Centered Plans (PCP) for academic, career, social and personal goals – providing support where needed. 


SDAP volunteers and Appvocates spend scheduled times with students throughout the week participating with in-class support, academic tutoring, meals, social times and much more!


Tutors help create individualized academic support plans that help students organize class work and projects.

College Life Fellows

Live in the same residence hall alongside SDAP students, supporting them with college life in daily living and social interactions.

Natural Supports

These are relationships that typically form within the students' environment, creating a natural web of support (professors, peers, friends, etc).

Graduate Assistants

Students meet regularly with an assigned graduate assistant to monitor goal progress, plan schedules, problem-solve, and provide overall individualized support.