Scholars with Diverse Abilities (SDAP)

SDAP is a new, innovative program on campus aimed at providing students with intellectual disabilities access to a 2-year college education.

Our aim is that when our students complete their program, they are able to obtain gainful employment that is meaningful to them.

Visit us at Fall and Spring Open House! 

Go to Admissions page for dates in September and April. Contact us for specific details about visiting SDAP during those days.

The SDA Program is completely inclusive. This means that:

  • SDA Program scholars attend their courses with other university students.
  • SDA Program scholars attend concerts, ball games, and other campus activities with other university students.
  • SDA Program scholars have full access to all university programs and services.

The SDA Program is person centered. This means that:

  • SDA Program scholars determine their academic, career, personal, and social goals througout their enrollment in the SDA Program.
  • SDA Program scholars determine the amount of supports they need to be successful.
  • There is no set curriculum.

The SDA Program is mutually beneficial. This means that:

  • SDA Program scholars help teach other students about intellectual disabilities.
  • SDA Program scholars help professors develop universal design for learning strategies to meet their students' needs.

The SDA Program is a Comprehensive Transition Postsecondary (CTP) program. This means that:

  • Scholars are eligible for FAFSA, or financial aid
  • Scholars are eligible for work study programs on campus


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