Application Materials

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

Thank you for your interest in applying to our program

Please contact our office should you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

We will begin taking applications for the cohort for year 2018-19 in October 2017. Application forms are in pdf formatting and are filable forms. Completed applications are due December 1st.

Please also complete the Appstate application for Undergraduate Non Degree Seeking students via the Admissions page.

Requirements for Admission to the SDA Program

Potential Applicants:

  • Must be between 18 to 25 years of age at the time of admission

  • Must have documentation implicating intellectual disability

  • Enrolled in or has completed an occupational course of study (OCS) or similar program 

  • Should have defined academic, career, and personal goals

  • Must have good written and oral communication skills

  • Must have healthy social interaction skills

  • Needs to be independent with personal hygiene and self-care

  • A sense of emotional well being and willingness to try new things
While the SDA Program aims to provide an academic, social, and career training experience  to individuals with intellectual disabilites at ASU, our program may not be able to accomodate all of your needs, particularly if they are behavioral or emotional and impede learning or social development. Please contact the SDA Program prior to applying if you have any questions or concerns.

Required Materials:

Please do not send more than the required materials and please send all of the materials in one packet.

  • Completed application (most up to date version will be accessible from this site by September 30)

  • Writing sample in the form of a letter of intention completed by the applicant
  • Personal Inventory completed by the applicant
  • Letters of reference and completed reference forms: please insure that references have provided an answer to the questions on the form and have filled out the check boxes

  • Video interview

  • Official high school transcript/ program transcript  and/or Community college transcript if applicable

  • Most recent 2 IEP's

  • Current psychological evaluation from high school or later

  • Portfolio of work examples: writing, math, and an elective (career prep, social studies, science, art, etc.),examples of your hobbies, work activities or other interests

  • Resume

  • Evidence of community involvement which may include a letter from an employer or supervisor with a description of duties.

Application Process Timeline

  1. Completed applications are due by December 1st and are then reviewed by the SDA Program Admissions Committee in December and January

  2. First round of virtual interviews are conducted late January and February
  3. Qualified applicants and their families are invited to ASU for an overnight visit, assessment, and interview in March.

  4. Applicants are selected by mid April. Letters are sent out by the university notifying applicants.

  5. Applicants must accept or deny admission by May 1st.

Note: Applicants are encouraged to reapply subsequent years if they are not initially accepted.

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