Family Resources

Going to college is an exciting time in any student's life. SDAP also recognizes that the decisions for attending college, selecting a program, and making the transition to the collegiate life can be challenging for both students and their families.

Several resources are available that can aid in the decision-making process, program selection, the ability to self-advocate, the discovery of financing options and resources, and to provide support for parents and families during this transformative time.

Think College
Institute for Community Inclusion
UMass Boston

Think College provides resources, technical assistance and training related to college options for students with intellectual disability, and manages the only national listing of college programs for students with intellectual disability.

National Parent Center on Transition and Employment

PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment provides resources to families, youth, and professionals on transition topics for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Local Resources

Parent 2 Parent provides a list of resources helping connect families in the High Country to supportive groups and networks.

Watauga Opportunities enables self-reliance and independence through vocational, residential and community opportunities.