SDAP aims to prepare college-aged students with intellectual disabilities for personal growth and occupational success. The goal upon completion of the two-year program is that students obtain competitive, integrated employment and live independent, fulfilling lives. 

The SDAP program is completely inclusive. This means that:

  • Students attend their courses with other university students.
  • Students attend concerts, ball games, and other campus activities with other university students.
  • Students have full access to all university programs and services.

The SDAP program is person-centered. This means that:

  • Students determine their academic, career, personal, and social goals throughout their enrollment in the SDAP program.
  • Students determine the number of supports they need to be successful.
  • There is no set curriculum.

The SDAP program is mutually beneficial. This means that:

  • All students benefit from an inclusive campus community. 
  • Diverse learners promote universal design for learning.

The SDAP program is a Comprehensive Transition Postsecondary (CTP) program. This means that:

  • Students may be eligible for FAFSA, or financial aid.
  • Students may be eligible for work-study programs on campus.

If you would like to help with supporting the program, you can donate to the foundation fund that helps with scholarships, SDAP-specific services, and activities for students! Give online by clicking here, or contact Gina Harwood, Director of Development for the Reich College of Education, at 828-262-6563.     


Come to visit campus for Fall and Spring Open House!  Go to Appalachian's Admissions page for dates in September and April. Contact us for specific details about visiting SDAP during those days.