College Life Peer Supports

College Life Peer Supports
 for the Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program provide a residential support system for program students. College Life Peer Supports live in the residential hall with Scholars, provide friendship and mentorship, help develop independent living and social interaction skills, and are available for Scholars during most evenings and weekends.

College Life Peer Supports is open to continuing students going into their sophomore year or above, who are in good academic standing. College Life Peer Supports live in residence halls with SDAP students and can earn between $2,500-4,500 per year. 

The SDAP Team will provide training and support for the College Life Peer Supports.

Become a College Life Peer Support
Become a College Life Peer Support

College Life Peer Supports provide a positive, safe and secure residence environment for our Scholars with Diverse Abilities.

If you are interested in being a College Life Peer Support with SDAP, please email

Responsibilities of a College Life Peer Support

  • Create a positive residence hall atmosphere
  • Monitor room safety
  • Model behaviors and activities to help Scholars develop skills for independent living and social interaction
  • Occasional weekend responsibilities
  • Communication with Housing and SDAP Team as needed

Benefits of Becoming a College Life Peer Support

Working with Scholars is a fun and rewarding experience that has a positive impact on the community.

  • Develop meaningful networks and friendships 
  • Develop new skills and build confidence for both the Scholars and yourself 
  • Enjoy personal and professional growth
  • Build your resume
  • Have guaranteed housing in a campus residence hall

Eligibility Requirements for College Life Peer Support Applicants

  • Continuing undergraduate students going into their sophomore year or above
  • Good academic standing with at least 2.0 GPA
  • Interest in supporting a student with an intellectual disability
  • Ability to act as a role model and maintain residence hall room safety
  • Ability to practice self-care and ask for help when needed
  • Ability to pass a background check with Student Conduct

If you have any questions about becoming a College Life Peer Support, please reach out to SDAP via email at