Giving to Scholars

SDAP prepares college-aged students with intellectual disabilities for personal growth and occupational success. The goal upon completion of the program is that students obtain competitive, integrated employment and live independent, fulfilling lives.

Your donation can empower our Scholars with Diverse Abilities, funding the program so that scholars can have the tools, resources, and personal support they need to transition into their self-directed futures.

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Your donation supports scholarships, services and activities for our Scholars with Diverse Abilities.

Contribute to Program Mission and Outcomes

SDAP is completely inclusive, person-centered, and mutally beneficial.

  • All students benefit from an inclusive campus community.
  • Diverse learners create engaged and meaningful learning experience for all those involved with the program, aligning with the university's mission and vision.

Your donation supports SDAP services and activities including providing opportunities for enrichment activities such as advocacy trips to Washington, DC. 

Giving Empowers Scholars

  • Ensuring that scholarship funding opportunities are available to help scholars with the expenses that come with their college experience.
  • Supplying funds that are greatly needed to ensure that scholars have access to personal supports who work with students on developing life, academic, and career skills as they transition to a more sustainable self-directed adulthood.
  • Enabling the creation of resources for a neurodiverse population that benefit the program, campus, and community.

Donations are made through the Appalachian Foundation Fund and help with SDAP-specific services and activities for students. Give online or contact Gina Harwood, Director of Development for the Reich College of Education, at 828-262-6563.