Graduate Assistants

What do Graduate Assistants do in the SDA Program?

Graduate assistants for the Scholars with Diverse Abilities Program are responsible for facilitating the scholars’ college experience. They are the "behind the scenes" conductors who act as an advisor for the scholars in their Program of Study. GAs assist scholars in determining how to reach their academic, social, career and personal goals. GAs coordinate supports, communicate with professors, and other integral members of the scholars/SDAP community.

Graduate Assistants

Person-Centered Planning

As a GA with the SDA Program you will be working along-side scholars on a one on one basis. GA's utilize a person-centered approach with meeting with the scholars. This means that each scholar is seen as an expert on their own life. Scholars will create and pursue his or her own goals during their college career with the support and guidence from GA's.

GA Roles

Each SDAP Scholar is different in the level of support that they may need. Some students may need reminders, while other students may need a GA to model how to do something. Our goal with SDAP is that scholars receive only the amount of support that is required and no more. We also want to see each of our scholars increase their capacity for responsibility and become more self-reliant.

Some tasks that a GA might help a scholar with include:

  • Completing homework

  • Preparedness for class/activities

  • Leisure time

  • Social Support and navigating conflict

  • Misunderstandings, communication challenges 

  • Goal planning and progress